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Beef Jalfrezi ®

 Beef Jalfrezi: Means "Dry fry" Juicy chunks of beef cooked 
 with freshly ground spices and fresh tomatoes.
 Not a lot of sauce, but the juices blend perfectly with plain
 or flavoured rice.
 1-lb/456g Stewing steak (diced rinsed, and drained)
 ½ tsp turmeric (To be fried with the beef)

 Whole spices
 2 inch piece cinnamon stick 
 10 black peppercorns
 4 whole green cardamoms
 ¼ tsp aniseed seeds
 3 tsp coriander seeds
 2 tsp cumin seeds
 2 tsp (yellow mustard seeds) 
 4 whole cloves
 Spices 2
 2 tsp ginger paste
 4 tsp garlic paste
 2 fresh chillies
 ½ tsp salt
 2 tbsp (concentrated tomato puree)
 2 tsp paprika powder
 6-floz of water for blending

 6 tbsp vegetable oil
 8-oz onion (sliced) 
 230ml/8-floz boiling water
 8-oz fresh tomatoes (quartered)
 Place all of the whole spices into a spice grinder and grind to 
 a fine powder. 

 Pour the powder into a blender, add Spices 2 and enough water to 
 make a smooth paste (About 6-floz) and blend for 30 seconds, then 
 leave it sitting in the blender for now.
 Using a heavy bottomed pan, heat the oil and add the sliced onions 
 and stir-fry over a high heat until they soften (About 4 minutes), 
 turn down the heat to the lowest setting, cover, and simmer for 
 Approximately 15 minutes until some area's of the onions are golden. 
 Add the diced beef and ½ tsp turmeric, turn up the heat slightly 
 and stir-fry for about 10 minutes until the liquid has evaporated
 and the meat is frying in oil only.
 Add the blended paste and gently fry for 2 or 3 minutes to allow 
 the beef to absorb the spices, then rinse out the blender with 
 8-floz of boiling water and add it to the pan. Stir, bring to the 
 boil, cover, turn down the heat to its lowest settings and cook
 for 50 minutes until the beef is tender, stir occasionally. 

 Add the fresh tomatoes and simmer until they heat through.

 If you like more sauce, add a little extra boiling water. 
 Serve with Basmati rice, and Pappadoms.
 Serves 4.